Calvin Moir

Calvin Moir was born in Belize, Central America where he studied journalism. After becoming a columnist and reporter for the local newspapers, he turned his attention to the creation of books. The Saltbox is his fifth novel. He now lives in Colorado, with his wife.

“We are born with an inherent need and desire for dignity and freedom.”

The Saltbox

What had started as a search for his father has suddenly become troubled with deceit and conspiracy, as a lad finds himself, instead. The brazen act of Creech Jones' alarming circumstances comes from hatred, pride and revenge. Success smiles upon Creech Jones; prestige and privilege accompany him. But on the inside, there is a void, a deep dissatisfaction, as he suffers a slow agonizing death. Then a casual interest in his parents' separation and his family disintegration develops into an obsession with revenge that impelled him eventually to act on his fantasies, perhaps in a criminal way. The visit to his father's house was supposed to be a beneficial association. But the surprise trip turns bitter when the prodigal son returns home under a different identity to betray his family. Creech Jones' reason for visiting the saltbox is his biggest secret, followed by frustration, humiliation - and then destruction. The Saltbox is a tale of what a person's stamina can bear, and what his intention can attain. What results is a forewarning account about guilt, responsibility and how jealousy can tear a loving family apart. The Saltbox has mystery, an atmosphere of quiet bullying and much realistically viewed life.

“Before she could replace the shade, the vessel exploded, setting Leonie on fire.”

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