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Unspoken Revivalism - Sneak Peek

As an extraordinary philosopher, Alkawther Makki stresses her incentives for promoting a grandeur ethical humanity; which may be sensed in poems and strongly expressed in proverbs, vindications and assertions.

Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Sneak Peek

As a former CFS sufferer and current healthcare practitioner, I feel Ms. Butcher provides an informative and interesting perspective on this disease and her road to recovery". Kyrie Kleinfelter, D.C, Upper Cervical Chiropractor. "As a fellow sufferer of CFS, I was truly able to relate to Ms. Butchers' experiences, thoughts and feelings. Her reference to the Word of God comforted my heart. Truly inspiring and honest". Darla Canney, CFS Patient. Ms. Butcher shares her intense and emotional journey of how the autoimmune disease chronic fatigue syndrome impacted her life from her first symptoms to the progress of her treatment and physical, spiritual and emotional recovery. By sharing with others, she hopes to inspire others to seek help so they may lead better lives as well. She wants them to know there is hope.

Lies Deceit and an Innocent Man - Sneak Peek

Todd Bainbridge had his life planned. His future was secured. And in five years he would be a doctor. Bradfords local doctor; Doctor Chandler promised him a partnership in his practice. When Katies body was found on the York moor a week after her disappearance his life fell apart.

Aftermath: Nomads, Pirates and Frogfaces - Sneak Peek

A nomad headquarters gets attacked by pirates and later on, saved by a female leader of another nomad group only to reveal they are up against a bigger enemy than the pirates.