Bookstores: A Timeless Place

In this modern digital age, books are created into audiobooks or converted digitally into e-books for people to read in their own respective smart devices. Not to mention the significant rise of online shopping that delivers your book to your doorstep astoundingly fast.


Some people would say that bookstores are on borrowed time—but that’s not the case. The bookstore is making a comeback by reinventing itself to attract and preserve customers. Bookstores hold events that invite like-minded people in creating a significant and profound experience. It’s good for the community and for the business.


Authors who have their books displayed on the aisles of those bookstores significantly benefit from the events. In addition, authors should use book displays as they help with the marketing and promotion with their book.


Bookstore Display 1

It would be great if the author gets a certain place where it gets more attention and traffic from customers. For this luxury, there is a need to charge extra. This is called co-op or “cooperative advertising,” wherein the store and the producers share the costs of marketing and promotion of the new book, and in return, they share the profits (just how much depends on the agreement between the parties).


Bookstore Display 2

In order to achieve a better book display in bookstores, keep in mind that the books are the stars of the display. However, eye-catching visual signage helps a lot in attracting customers to take time to check the book.


Bookstores win over the hearts of their customers because of the heart they put into the store, as well as their impeccable customer service. Personal attention and wholesome customer service always outweigh the technological advancement of online shopping.         


There’s just an ethereal feel being inside a bookstore. The interaction between the staff and different customers, the lovely background music, and the overwhelming book displays. It’s one whole pleasant experience.




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