9 Reasons Why Bookstores Are Still The Real Deal

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Who goes to bookstores anymore? Nowadays one can simply get a book online and have it delivered to the doorstep. E-books? Audiobooks? And shall I say, pirated books?

But there’s something that bookstores offer that’s better than convenience. It’s the experience itself. You can call it cheesy, but really, there’s more to it.

1. You get to hold the books and flip its pages in a bookstore.

I mean, can your online shopping do that? It’s just beautiful. Plus, you smell the books. And who doesn’t like the smell of books?

2. You get to listen to their lovely music as you browse the books you’re looking for.

You get to listen to some of your favorite music, or even discover some new ones that you might want to add later in your music library. A lot of bookstores have great music.

Bookstore Display 1

3. You get that moment of excitement when you see the book you’re looking for.

You also feel that moment of excitement when you saw something you never thought you’d find in that particular bookstore.

It’s like winning the lottery.

Bookstore Display 2

4. You can always ask for help with the staff and they’ll willingly help you.

If you can't find the book you’re looking for, you can always ask the staff around you. They are usually helpful and accommodating.

They will also happily talk literature with you.

5. You get to make friends.

Once you become a regular, there’s no doubt you’ll end up befriending the rest of the staff and other regulars as well. This kind of friendship is better than any other social media platform can give.

6. You get to participate in the events held at bookstores.

Some bookstores hold events that bring like-minded people together. It’s great for the community, and it’s also great for business.

What’s better than being surrounded by people who share the love for literature as much as you? And also, drinks.

7. You get the chance to meet someone interesting.

On regular days and on events, there’s always a huge chance you’ll meet someone interesting. We don’t know, you guys might meet a potential best friend, or even better, your soul mate. Love for books? Check.

Favorite books? Set a date and find out.

8. You are able to help their business and the local economy.

You are able to help the owners and their employees earn an honest living.

Bookstore Display 1

9. You get to discover new talent.

These new and upcoming talents work so hard in pursuing their dreams and finally getting their work out there. We need more creative people in this world.

Who knows? You might discover your new favorite author.

Bookstore Display 2

Join us and we’ll help you get your book out there.

The local bookstores we partner with are without a doubt outstanding. We are proud that they are part of the NRM family.

So if you have a book and you want to get it out there, contact us and we’ll take care of putting your book for potential fans to read. You’ll be the brains and New Reader Media will take care of all the legwork.