2020’s BEST

Top book trailers you probably haven't seen before

We look back and review the best sneak peeks from our talented partners at New Reader Magazine.

3. Spice It Up! By Lajuan Preston

This book trailer gives a glimpse of the essence of Lajuan Preston’s cookbook with a twist. Couples will learn how to cook a delicious dish or meal—keeping the spice not only in the kitchen but in their relationship.

2. Fall by Cathy Young

Fall is an extraordinary novel that sheds light on teen pregnancy and its effects; abuse, poverty, and rejection. It is more than just a novel—it’s also a word of hope and encouragement for teens to go get help if they are being abused.

1. The Red Oak Rocking Chair by Nelibeth Plaza

The Red Oak Rocking Chair tells the story of one particular rocking chair that shares surprising, heartwarming, joyful, and sorrowful details of a family. A handcrafted, wooden rocking chair, intended for giving comfort and pleasure to others, goes on its own journey of love, joy, discomfort, excitement, pleasure, and pain as a new baby comes into the family.