Book-to-movie adaptations will always divide the audience. Regardless of which fandom you belong to, this is your safe space. We’re only here to provide fun facts of the following book-to-movie adaptations. 






“The Making of the Lord of The Rings” documentary (2002), revealed that for each character in the movie there are at least two doubles; One for the stunts and one for scale and size ratio among characters.




Aragorn and Arwen’s love story is to die for but did you know they are cousins? The genealogy of their family tree is explained in the book however it has been omitted in the movie for obvious reasons.



2. WIZARD OF OZ (1939)



Dorothy’s shoes were silver in the book. However the production company, Technicolor, wanted to experiment with the use of colors in movies. In the 30s, Technicolor was one of the pioneers in releasing colored films. Undeniably the color red pops more in TV than silver. 


The ruby shoes experiment was a success as the piece is now one of the most treasured pieces in film history. It is one of the most famous artifacts in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History—world’s largest museum.




3. HARRY POTTER SERIES (2001-2011)


Squibs are never explained in the series which leaves viewers confused. Squibs are non-magical people who have at least one magical parent. Argus Filch is a squib.



A heartbreaking fact about Filch though is that he tried to learn magic but did not have any luck with it. This MIGHT explain his attitude toward the students in Hogwarts.


Arabella Figg, Harry’s neighbor, is also a squib. She was tasked by Dumbledore to watch over Harry. Figg is can be seen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) when Dementors attacked Harry and Dudley.




4. NARNIA (2005)


Susan Pevensie can no longer enter Narnia as shown in both the book and the movie. The difference is that in the movie the reason provided is that Susan is “getting too old.” 



In the final book of the series called The Last Battle it was revealed that Susan stopped believing in Narnia and she was “no longer a friend of Narnia.” Additionally, when death came, only Susan among all the children who entered Narnia did not enter Aslan’s Country. Aslan’s Country is equivalent to the concept of heaven in religion.







Disney’s rendition of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) was frowned upon by Literary Scholars and the descendants of Victor. According to Hugo’s great grandchildren, the movie is a “vulgar commercialization” of a classic masterpiece. 



Disney changed the character Claude Frollo to avoid offending religious groups. In the book, Frollo is Notre Dame’s Archdeacon but in the movie Frollo is a judge. 


6. DUNE (2021)


In Frank Herbert’s novel and in the 1984 version of Dune, Dr. Liet Kynes is a middle-aged male. Kynes is the Imperial Planetologist and the liaison of Arrakis.



In Denis Villeneuve’s Dune (2021) Dr. Liet Kynes’ gender is swapped to female which disappointed loyal book fans. According to Sharon Duncan-Brewster (female Liet Kynes) and Villenueve, they want to focus on the essence of the character and not be fixated on its gender. 





The GoT production has changed the appearances of many characters leaving little to no trace of their authentic features in the book.



Daenerys Targaryen, was bald in the book for quite some time after her hair got burnt twice. But even if she has long hair, Daenerys would still look different. In the book, Valyrians have silver-blonde hair and violet eyes.




Daario Naharis is from Tyrosh. Tayroshis are known for their bright hair colors and bright clothes. The movie’s version of Naharis is the total opposite of how he is described in the book.





Umbrella Academy is written by Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way, the vocalist of My Chemical Romance. In the comic, all seven Hargreeves children are white which was deemed illogical by the production team due to the story’s worldwide scope. 



The production team made the characters more diverse. Ben is Korean, Allison is Black, Diego is Mexican, Klaus is German, Vanya is Russian, while Luther and Five are American. Luther and Five are identical twins but it was changed in the movie without explanation.





In the book, the main characters are 12-year-olds who have no romantic attachments with each other. Grover, Annabeth and Percy fought side by side as a team. In the movie, Annabeth and Percy are romantically attracted to each other.



Additionally, Percy Jackson is portrayed as an outcast with low self-esteem in the movie. In the book Percy is portrayed as a charismatic young boy.


10. Upcoming HOUSE OF GUCCI (2021)



The Gucci Family has been criticizing the media’s portrayal of their 1995 family scandal. Both the book and upcoming movie offended the Gucci family.  But they only filed a case against the production company of the movie.


The family felt violated of their privacy as they shared how their experience is being milked by the media for all it’s worth without getting anything in return.





The Freedom Writers book is a compilation of the diaries of teenagers who were caught up in gang war and racism in the early 90s in California. Their teacher Erin Gruwell, helped them translate their daily struggles into words. 



The movie is not very different from what is compiled in the book but just like every other book-to-movie adaptations, the scenes are selected.





The book is an autobiography and history of an unlikely friendship of C.P. Ellis (former Ku Klux Clan Activist) and Ann Atwater (Black Community Activist). Critics say that the film leans to the “white saviorism” complex but Atwater’s family says otherwise and thinks that the film was “spot on.”


13. FIGHT CLUB (1999)



The iconic ending of the Fight Club movie where Marla and The Narrator watches the explosion is not in the book.  In the book, the Narrator ends up in a mental institution while some members of Project Mayhem await the return of Tyler Durden.


14. THE GODFATHER (1972)



The Godfather has a great deal of racism in the book but there is no single scene in the movie that denotes racism. To some critics, removing the racist encounters in the story detaches it from reality as the book is based on true events. One example of a racist encounter in the book is the constant profiling and segregation of black people.




The death of Llewelyn Moss is changed in the movie.



In the book, Moss encountered a hostage with his hitchhiker on his way to Mexico then he was killed. In the movie, Moss received an invitation for a drink from a woman by the hotel pool where he will meet his wife. Gunshots were heard then the scene cuts to Moss lying dead on the ground.





The most noteworthy change of the film is the ending because the change provides a different feeling and perspective to readers and viewers. 


The movie ends with Chiyo and Mr. Tanaka confessing their love for each other. In the book, Mr Tanaka and Chiyo marry and move to New York to open their own teahouse.





Astrid’s breakup with her husband in the movie was straight to the point but in the book, she fought for Michael’s love. Astrid knew that her husband was having an affair from the beginning. Later on in the book, Astrid’s billionaire ex-husband, Charlie Wu tries to help Astrid save her marriage that led to a love triangle among the three characters.


18. IT (2017)



The end of the movie shows a blood oath among the main characters to serve as remembrance on how they defeated “It.” It was also a form of promise that they have a responsibility to take care of when the need arises. 


In the book, the blood oath scene didn’t happen, instead a child orgy took place. When the characters were overcome with fear they got lost in the sewers. As a means of bringing back the group together, Bev offered herself to the group.


19. CORALINE (2009)


The personalities of the characters are changed in the movie.



In the movie, Coraline is depicted as a sarcastic and moody child but in the book she is portrayed as a polite and thoughtful kid. Some would say that her personality in the book is not resemblant of a pubescent kid which makes the film “more accurate.”



Coraline’s parents seem negligent in the movie but in the book, her parents pay more attention while juggling all their other responsibilities.




Joker and Harley Quinn vibes! 



The movie ends with Clarice preventing Hannibal from eating the brain of Krendler. Meanwhile the book offers a major plot twist as Clarice ends up eating the human brain and offering Hannibal a taste of it.


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