Reading travels, book flatlays, nook flexes. It’s always such a wonder scrolling through aesthetic Instagram posts and getting inspiration for your next favorite cozy read. But with beauty also comes work, and we’ll try to point out some hacks on making your posts Instagram-worthy.

You may wonder, how do those Instagram book bloggers capture those whip-smart photos and create their bookish portfolios people fondly call “bookstagram”? What are the usual go-to bookstagram ideas do popular bookstagrammers post?

But before anything, what is bookstagram? Bookstagram is the latest Instagram club that gathers book lovers from all over the internet and lets them share their moments with books, libraries, travels, and reading spots. According to Kaelyn Barron in 2021, bookstagram started with a hashtag that directs book enthusiasts to book-related images that also provide book reviews, discussions, or simply the aesthetics of bookstagram.

But what places and items alongside books provide the bookstagram aesthetic? If you are one bibliophile who is thrilled to share your book experience but isn’t into visiting cafes or corners for those wanderlust photoshoots, we’re listing down bookstagram supplies you can order in Amazon that will help you get started with your own bookstagram at the comfort of your own home.



●     Gift Wrappers or Wallpapers as Backdrops

-       When doing flatlays, the most important thing to remember is the backdrop of your photos. It sets the foundation and contrast for your books to look sharp and centered and also sets the atmosphere of the subject. Senior Manager for Penguin Random House Phil Stamper-Halpin suggests that bookstagrammers use paper backdrops, patterns, or even wrapping papers to be in season or get that cabin vibe inside your home.

-       You can get self-adhesive wood wallpapers in Amazon for as low as $6, depending on the size. Click here to see the best picks for you!

●     Plants

-       You may already have this at home as bookstagram props, but if you have none or if you are looking for a specific silhouette for your layout, try shopping for decorative plants. Succulents and small flowers like geraniums and angel’s breath are usually laid in as they add beauty to your photos while consuming minimal space in your frame. It doesn’t matter if they are alive or artificial; even dry leaves or flowers can be gratifying.

-       Get your own artificial succulents here.

●     Light

-       Natural light will always be the best choice for that simple touch of reality look, but if it is unavailable at the moment, you may try acquiring yourself lamps with adjustable temperatures and brightness. You can get these multi-color temperature lamps on Amazon.

-       Choose your temperature lamp in this link.

●     Book Sleeves

-       In 2020, Executive Director Kelly Galucci attested she got inspired by many bookstagrammers to use book sleeves. Book sleeves are a good choice if you want to give viewers an impression of your personality or your books being well-loved and taken care of.

-       Browse for adorable book sleeve designs here!

●     Enamel Pins

-       Galucci also shared about enamel pins as bookstagram props. You may order different quirky designs and sizes that suit your persona for a more personal touch.

-       You may pick the best enamel pins for you here. Be careful though, you might get more than what you need!

●     Bookmarks

-       Award-winning blogger Laura shared in her 2020 blog that bookmarks can be used in your frame for the obvious reasons that they are often used with books. Bookmarks come in different styles and in many shapes and designs.

-       Get your new bookmarks in Amazon through this link or you can even get yours personalized!

●     Drinks

-       Who doesn’t like reading with a cup of coffee or tea? You may want to consider adding drinks to your bookstagram posts once in a while as beverages can help amp up your picture theme, being relatable to most, if not all, book lovers. Style it with a fancy cup and your bookstagram post becomes luxurious.

-       Check out any of these posh teacup sets to make your book look like it comes from a real fairytale!

●     Textile

-       If you don’t want your photos to look completely plain and flat, try styling your layout with textiles, as they add depth and texture as well as a fun addition to colors in your composition. For instance, Galucci had considered adding a pink scarf to her photo and even using a printed comforter as a backdrop. Laura had recommended the use of clothes, cushions, even bags for added impression.

-       You may get your crocheted scarfs through this link, they’re all adorable!

●     Seasonal Props

-       Another bookstagrammer Christine accounted in her 2020 blog the use of seasonal props to heed the call of the season. These seasonal bookstagram props oftentimes go on sale during the holidays or other promotional events.

-       Summer is approaching! Shop for these photography props to get in the season.

●     Accessories

-       And of course, accessories! You can never go wrong with your glasses to ignite bookstagram ideas. You may opt for other adornments like watches, jewelries, and other personal effects for more relatable content. These go-to bookstagram props not only create an impression of your posts, but it also influences peoples’ view towards you and your personality as a whole.

-       You need to check out these vintage jewelries and add sophistication to your bookstagram!

All these and many other wonderful bookstagram ideas you can find at home, in stores, or on Amazon. Start deliberating with yourself the aesthetic you most identify with and create your own unique bookstagram names. Begin listing down the things you need to start a bookstagram, order your best bookstagram props picks, and kick off the most memorable bookstagram for authors and book lovers alike!