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Missionary and part-time engineer pens a book chronicling his perils and adventures.

There was a time in Bob Nicol’s life when a lot of the trips he made were visits to his parents. Every time he went, he’d tell his dad about the latest “adventures” he’s had. His dad would then say, “Bob, you should really write a book!” One day, some years and several global trips later, he finally did.

My Name Is Deliverer is a collection of standalone stories about adventures that Nicol experienced during his many trips to various African countries and Iraq. The first few chapters introduce readers to how he became involved in the ministry of providing safe water to people. “Some of the adventures were quite perilous and showed me the grace and deliverance of God in saving me—apparently for more opportunities to provide water, coupled with more adventure—always, more adventure,” Nicol says.

It took Nicol two years to write, edit, and publish the book, through which he conveys the importance of trusting God. He says,“[He] has a much bigger plan for our lives than the ‘small story’ that we spend most of our adult lives in living. And, it is not only bigger, but better, because it always involves helping others, who, most often, are truly unable to help themselves.”

In writing My Name Is Deliverer, Nicol has always had the intention of making more people aware of the need for safe and clean water to drink. He’s also meant to “meet some of the people that receive the gift of accessible water for the first time, and some of those that help get it to them,” and has remained unchanged in more than 12 years. This is a book written by a bubbly and truly sincere man of God who wishes to introduce His grace and kindness to all—a beautiful addition to your library, no doubt!

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My Name Is Deliverer

By: Bob Nicol

Paperback ISBN-10: 1643141104
  ISBN-13: 978-1643141107  
Hardback ISBN-10: 148971619X
  ISBN-13: 978-1489716194

About the Author

Bob Nicol is a missionary and part-time engineer. In My Name Is Deliverer, he shares his harrowing experiences around the globe, and whether he was fighting for survival in a small canoe during a 260-mile river race, breaking down on a mountainous back road deep in the forests of Kenya, or dealing with the probes of foreign government officials, Bob knows how he was able to get out alive and live to tell the tale. God had something to do with it.