placeholder Relentless in Life and Beyond

A story of love crossing the veil between this world and the next

In the spectrum of painful human experience, the loss of one’s child must rank as among the worst. But through the pain – and perhaps because of the pain – some find ways to cope, and even new ways of seeing existence.

Does the spirit survive the body? The question consumes us, and has throughout history. Relentless: From Both Sides of the Veil is about a young man’s fierce drive in life, and his even more impressive drive after life! It is the wrenching but ultimately triumphant story of a young man at the peak of his powers, stricken by cancer. Kevin Madsen fights valiantly, but ultimately succumbs after a three and a half year battle. But after Kevin’s passing is when the real story begins. Told through the eyes and the voice of Kevin’s father Tom, Relentless proves that love, the human spirit, life force—and even distinct personality traits transcend our physical lives. It is a book for all who've suffered loss, or for anyone who has questioned ‘What Happens Next?’.

"How could I have closed myself off from so much? But I am open to it now, all senses firing. And it comes rushing in, a delighted shower of electric color, crystalline light, sound and sensation. And somewhere at the center, I become aware of a release, a letting-go. If I stay still and alert, I feel that it all hums. All of it: the air; the earth; the trees, And I am immersed in it. And the same hum runs through me." – excerpt from Relentless


Relentless: From Both Sides of the Veil

By: Tom Madsen

Paperback ISBN: 1977227589
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1977227584
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About the Author

Tom Madsen is the husband of Marilene and the proud father of two young men: Kevin and Gustavo. Tom was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a graduate of U.C Berkeley. The family lives in Walnut Creek, California.