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War Veteran and Born Again Believer Steven D. Alston unravels the scriptures and pens down long-sought answers in his first thought-provoking Christian book

Steven D. Alston was heavily involved in church ministry since he was 7. Years later when he got honorably discharged as a disabled war veteran, he knew his faith had grown evermore. He had always sought answers of whether we are souls or spirits, and after several years of research within and out of the scriptures, he pens The Eikons of God to share the evident answer to this dilemma.

The Eikons of God is based on a probing question Steven had always thought of: “Are we souls or spirits?” After years of research, he had found his answers and wanted to share his newfound knowledge especially with people who had also asked the same. Whether you are a Christian believer or not, this book will provide ample information out of extensive research that will serve as pieces to a mental puzzle, challenge what you already know, or spark an inquiry that you need to explore to reaffirm our belief on how and why we are created. Targeting adolescent Christians or anyone who wants to digest a thought-provoking book, Steven wants his readers to take up the challenge to research and find for themselves if his conclusions were in alignment with theirs, and to go beyond what was written and look deeper into the subject with an open mind.

Steven’s deep faith had stirred him to write about the origin of our essence. “The life that Jesus lived qualified him for the death that he died and the death he died qualifies us for the life we live!” He exclaims, believing that writing about his belief will fortify the realization that this is the life we deserve to live.

Steven is currently focusing on full-time ministry for IIC Ministries in New York and has started to simultaneously work on three other books that will catch the attention of Christian believers and provide practical methods that get results.

Eikons of God audiobook is also available and distributed exclusively on Amazon, Audible, and Apple iTunes alongside its paperback and Kindle versions.


The Eikons of God: Soul vs Spirit, Which one is the real you?

By Steven D. Alston

Paperback ISBN-10 : 1098010604   ISBN-13 : 978-1098010607
Kindle ASIN : B08644CJMG
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Steven D. Alston is a Born-Again Christian in New York and was honorably discharged as a proud US Navy Persian Gulf disabled war veteran. After taking various courses through Nyack Theological Seminary and other religious organizational programs he is now on the path to an Educational Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies through Colorado Biblical University; in addition to his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Masters in Communication and Public Relations studies.

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