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The Need for Violence

by Jan Notzon

JULY 2021

I think part of what inspired me to write "The Id Paradox" was an incident , that occurred when I was still living in a pre-gentrified neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I was at home and heard a commotion next door. Out of that house came a young man dragging a girl out of it by her hair. She was screaming "No!" No!".

I went immediately to intervene. This gentleman(?) had her in the car and was getting in the driver's seat. I went and put hands on him and (strangely) said, "Come on, man. Let her go," as though I could appeal to the conscience of a young tough who could actually drag a girl by her hair!

I have no recollection of what occurred after that until they were sewing up my lip in the hospital.

Obviously, one cannot reason with someone who would do what this person did. I remember my father telling me when I was about 13 or 14, "Jan, there are people in this world who only respond to violence. The only thing that will stop them is force."

Being a young adolescent full of myself, I thought, "Stupid old man. What does he know?"

That incident answered my arrogant questioning of my father's wisdom in spades. One cannot appeal to reason or morality with a man who would drag a young girl by her hair and force her into his car.

The only proper response, as my father advised me, was meeting this jerk's violence with like violence. And the ability to find that violence in oneself is, at times, an absolute necessity.

BTW, The girl got away, at least.