Author of The Month

So what compelled you to write a book, anyway? 

Why did I write a book?  Well, for a variety of reasons. First of all, I have to say my main motivator was my dad.  If he told me once, he must have told me a dozen times—probably more. "Bob, you really need to write a book.  I know I would read it.  I bet a lot of people would. You really get into some of the craziest situations.  And how you find your way out of them, somehow, always amazes me.”  And then he would laugh, a rich and inviting laugh



             Sadly, my dad never got to read my book. He never even knew I was writing one.  He passed over to a better life while I was still in the early stages of my first draft.  At that time, only my editor really knew that I was writing. You see, I had doubts about completing the book and publishing it. As I would finish each chapter, which would be a whole unique story, I would send it for editing. The editor, Anna Ochoa,  did an incredible job of proofreading my material. What a sheer blessing she was to me and my book.


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             Other than my dad–and my mom, to some extent–my real reason for writing the book was to educate more people of the continuing need for new experience, the blessing of life-giving—access to safe water. To this day, the fact that there are people who are unaware of the urgent water crisis surprises me—and many others, for sure. When I have the opportunity to tell them and they hear the numbers, they are astonished.  In all transparency, I don't know which is worse:  people still not knowing, or me not knowing about them?      

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             “So will you do it again–write another book?” That tends to be the usual follow-up question. "I would like to," I answer.  “But honestly, I would really like to get more mileage out of this one first.” I experienced relatively good readership at first, and it allowed me to present my story and mission in a number of places. But not nearly enough for the effort that I put into it, both in time and expense.


             “Now, do I have enough material, either along the same path, or possibly in a different direction, to fill another book?" My answer? A resounding “Yes!” In fact, I removed three connecting stories from the first book, before Anna completed the editing and before publishing, simply because it seemed to be growing too voluminous. However, this book only takes me through the first three years of my well ministry in Africa. I have now been at this for more than 13 years and have made over 40 trips, most often to Kenya. To be sure, not all of them resulted in an adventure worth re-telling. But I can tell you that every one of them had at least one element of what some might just label adventurous, perhaps compared to their own daily experiences.

All I can say at this point, is “Stay tuned!”