Arts and Culture

Greatest Cons in History

People who do cons are called Confidence man or in short “con-man”. They prey on people who are naïve and irresponsible. Over the years, many cons have happened, here are the top 3 greatest cons in history.

by S. Roberts

Aphantasia: Weak Imagination or No Imagination at All?

Did you know that some people can literally visualize images in their minds? If that isn’t surprising, you should know that some people can’t.

by M. Turner

Stories About The Beginning Of Everything

Imagine hearing stories about creation, different versions of how everything came to be. How would that have changed the way you saw the world?

Lindy Kerr

Modern-Day Poets: From Print To Screen

Different thoughts and different opinions in the form of verses and phrases—this is what makes an Instagram poet a modern-day Shakespeare.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Top Charismatic Personalities with Effective Communication Skills

Having trouble with your communication skills? Let's take a look at today's top charismatic personalities and learn from their interactions.

Les Klinefelter

Partying As A Parent: The Fine Line Between Parenting and Partying

As a parent who loves partying like a teenager, how do you balance parenting and partying?

Skyelar Nelson

Top Shipwreck or Castaway Movies

Here’s a a round up of some of the best ten movies about people surviving on an island or at shipwreck. Did they find something more or even God?

Kristy Kraft

Writing as a Form of Therapy

People with psychological problems no longer have to worry going to clinics for therapy when they can perform their treatment anywhere at any given time.

Mike McCluskey

Top 5 Most Accurate Medical Dramas

Here are the Top 5 most accurate medical dramas that are doctor approved.

Steven Bentley