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Lies Deceit and an Innocent Man - Sneak Peek

Todd Bainbridge had his life planned. His future was secured. And in five years he would be a doctor. Bradfords local doctor; Doctor Chandler promised him a partnership in his practice. When Katies body was found on the York moor a week after her disappearance his life fell apart.

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New Reader Media is a creative marketing and PR firm. We know a lot of amazing people who rock at what they do, and we can help get your brand stories out into the world.

We can help you connect with your audiences and craft your brand with ads and marketing. We produce quality white label content that resonates, from writing to photography to a number of different types of media, including film, infographics, and everything in between.

New Reader Media has marketing, ad, and PR services. We’ll get you the right media and online publicist and run advertising campaigns online and beyond.

We can help you publish and publicize your book, and we can help you turn it into a movie. Contact us.

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International Media Firm Launches Literary Magazine for the New Reader.
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Check out who gets to be in New Reader Media's spotlight.
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NRM Fourth Issue

New Reader Magazine

Issue no. 4

New Reader Magazine proudly presents our final issue for the year 2018,...
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Bookstores: A Timeless Place

In this modern digital age, books are created into audiobooks or converted digitally into e-books for people to read in their own respective smart devices. Not to mention the significant rise of online shopping that delivers your book to your doorstep astoundingly fast.
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The Making of an Adapted Screenplay

There’s always a tension between plotting and knowing what the character wants. It’s a constant balancing act. One dial moves the storyline horizontally and the other moves it vertically. If you hit the right balance, you get a diagonal— which is not at all an easy feat to achieve.
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Sneak Peeks, why do we need them?

If you want to be viral, you have to marry videos. Engagement with a global audience generates more than buzz and hype. It gets your message across instantly. Corporate entities project their personalities through relatable content and no other medium can do this more efficiently than videos.
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Author Interview: Carnie Matisonn, The Final Audit

Dr. Carnie Matisonn is an attorney admitted to the High Courts of South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana; recipient of the Norman Rosenberg Law Scholarship, and South African Institute of International Relations Graduate Research Scholarship.

Literary Works

How SEO Can Help You Build a Readership and Market Your Book

How SEO Can Help You Build a Readership and Market Your Book

So, you’ve written the book. Now what? Find a readership, connect with other authors, and market your book with these simple SEO techniques.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best SEO Practices in 2017 and 2018

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best SEO Practices in 2017 and 2018

SEO doesn’t have to be scary at all. We'll help you tame the beast and appease the Google gods with this simple guide to the best and the latest in SEO practices.

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On the Origin of Dignity: Its Creation and Enhancement
by Walter Tunstall

On the Origin of Dignity: Its Creation and Enhancement describes where our dignity, our sense of self-worth, comes from and how we get it. T... Read more

A Dance of Reflective Relationship
by Kiera Laike

A Dance of Reflective Relationship will ever open to the hearts of the children holding the book. The words wash over as brilliant watercolo... Read more

Suck It Up, Buttercup: Be a Leader People Will Follow
by Wendy Sellers

Dominant, direct leaders who don't get emotional get the job done, right? Take charge and cut to the chase, right? Other people who allow their emotio... Read more